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Being a Microsoft Certified Professional I like to blog instant
problem solving methods for desktop and laptop owners.


Frankly speaking, Right Now, None. But, still I post some stuff that is helpful to you during work.

WhO AM I & WHAT I blog about

Prateek Tiwari

prateek tiwari

Nothing too fancy about me for you to know. An Introvert System Administrator, A Microsoft Certified Professional also Masters in Psychology.

By 7 years of my working experience in Desktop Support I publish blog posts that help struggling non-tech individuals. Simply, Just trying to make your work easy.

I run my personal support services from the blog as well. If you are having trouble with your pc or any kind of assistance with your system just start a chat now.

I publish minimum of two posts every week. It would be an honor If my writing made you realize life isn’t that hard, there is much more for you to explore.

Being a System Admin you need to solve users queries instantly. If you want I could help you in that. Reach me through the chat support instantly or you can contact me on Instagram and Twitter, to be honest I don’t use Facebook. It’s too chaotic.