6 Steps You Can Start a Laundry Service from Home : Economical ?

Want a quick home-based business idea? Start a laundry service from home today.

People spend most of their time working or traveling outside their homes. Their hectic schedule leads to a lack of time to complete their household chores. 

One of the important household chores is laundry and even superheroes need clean clothes. To overcome this burden people tend to get their clothes washed or cleaned by the local laundry service provider.

The concept has been originated from the western culture in which people go to the laundry store and get their clothes washed.

People wash their clothes at the store by using the washing machine and detergent, themselves.

In today’s fast running lives of working-class people, starting a laundry service could be a big stress reliever for them. 

It will save the individual’s time and help to concentrate well on their work thus making you some decent earnings.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

In this article, I will talk about how you could start a laundry service from home.

We will start by understanding the basics of the business, what you do as a laundry service provider, what you need initially to start, and also methods to promote your laundry business.

Understand How to Start a Laundry Service from Home

For any business plan, the first and foremost step is to have some basic knowledge and a good understanding of the service you are going to provide.

It is one of those businesses which would continue to exist and its services are requested by many, as it makes their life easy.

You will need to be a perfectionist and pay attention to every detail. Having a basic knowledge of fabric do’s and don’t is a must.

What detergent to use? What cleaning solvents to take care of, prevail in the knowledge of handling delicate fabrics.

What do you need to start ?

You don’t have to wait for your birthday to start. Starting up a laundry service requires a budgeted capital amount, and this amount depends on the working scale of the business. 

Have a place devoted to this venture. It could be either a separate room or your garage. Grab some hand special laundry soap, softeners, starches, and clotheslines for drip-drying.

If you order most of your washing supplies from Amazon, then you must opt for Amazon Business.

Amazon Business will provide you access to the vast network of suppliers for easy ordering and bulk volume discounts.

Additional deals and features are available to help manage your cash flow and control your business expenses for members of Amazon Business Prime.

You could opt for not investing in a professional steam press, but have more than one iron available, just in case.

Be sure to keep all of your warranties up-to-date on your machines, since they are the lifeline to your business.

Any washer or dryer in good working condition will do, but the extra-large capacity washer will cut your time in half.

It will allow you to do more laundry in a shorter period.

You have been doing laundry all your life, something that you could do even in your sleep.

So, you do not need any staff members as most of the work can be done by yourself. 

If you already have the machines, overhead may be low (under $1,000). 

Typical fees you can charge could be $10 per pound of clothes for washing, drying, and ironing.

Additionally, you can charge for priority services like fast delivery, pick up and drop facility.

If performed efficiently, the results shall be positive with potential earnings between $20,000 to $30,000 annually in 40-hour workweeks.

How to handle advertising ?

Once your laundry service is operational, you would require customers who are going to avail service from you.

But for that to happen, you have to reach the customers and let them know about your business.

Your target market could be fairly broad, ranging from elderly customers who aren’t able to take care of the washing themselves, to busy working professional moms who don’t have time for laundry detail.

Students who don’t have their washer or dryer at home and even lazy bachelors who hate washing clothes on their own are also a good choice for your service.

There is no other business where word of mouth can make or break you as much as this one. The more happy customers the more additional business you get.

Advertising your service plays a prominent role as it helps in attracting customers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, advertisements on local stores, banners, colorful fliers, etc. are effective ways of promoting your business.

Take your laundry service online

People spend an average of three hours and fifteen minutes a day while searching and browsing for products and services they need.

And what if in this period your service is also one of them.

Having a website can be a lucrative choice as it will increase your reach and thus bring you more customers.

But how do you get online? How do you build a website?

How to build a laundry service website

To build a website, either you can hire a web developer and get it done at a certain amount of money starting from $10/hr, or you can have it build by yourself.

1. Research your name

Head on to LeanDomainSearch.com and type in your keyword (your choice for an ideal business name). Here you can generate plenty of name ideas for free. 

2. Domain Registration

Once you get the name of your choice, the second step is to register the domain.

I recommend Hostinger for this. I have registered multiple domains here so far, and i can assure you, you cannot find a better deal anywhere else.

You can register a domain starting as low as $0.99 for a year.

Open hostinger.com → Domain → Search. Search for your domain name and choose the best domain extension which fits best for your business.

3. Set Up Hosting

To have a self-hosted website, you need a hosting service. And with Hostinger you will have speed, security, and reliability. There expert customer support service comes handy when you face any difficulty.

If you are on a shoestring budget, opt for a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting plans start from $2.89/month only.

But if you can scale-up your budget, then prime choice would be the cloud hosting plan.

4. Add website in your web hosting

After your purchase, login to your hostinger account.

In the hosting tab click on the Add Website button.

Enter your domain and password (choose the password yourself or autogenerated) then click Add.

5. Install WordPress

WordPress provides you endless possibilities with your website design and development.

You can build your website effortlessly with this free and open-source content management system.

Installing WordPress on Hostinger is also very simple. Click on the auto-installer button and choose the latest version of WordPress.

Enter website details and hit Install.

6. Choose a WordPress Theme

WordPress provides a variety of themes for any kind of business.

You could choose from a paid or free version of any WordPress theme.

The free version initially includes all the functions and design options from the premium version.

You can find a theme from the Appearance tab in your admin panel.
Go to Appearance → Themes → Add New.

If you want to have a better view of the demo theme, you could search for your particular website theme here.

Edit the theme content to complete the website.

Consider listing your business on Google My Business. With a Google My Business listing you can get more than a business listing.

Your free business profile will let you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps locally.

Having a Google My Business account is good for your business. It will expand your local reach.

Your customers can connect by calling, messaging, or leaving reviews. Now, with more ways to transact, you can do more business.

Having a Google My Business listing will showcase your business to customers every time they search for “laundry service near me”.

Offering attractive discounts and running schemes occasionally keep the customers become regular to your service.

A little bonus tip

Who does not like happy customers? People love it when they get extra for the amount they pay.

Consider correcting mistakes, even if they are not your fault (i.e., replace missing buttons, fix shoulder pad, or even replace the garment.)

It could be some extra expense, but when you make small repairs at no charge, it will tend to be good for business.

People appreciate kindness and thus will spread the word about your caring and personalized service.


Starting a laundry service from home is easy if you know what to do and how to do it.

Good service will scale up your customer base, and since this is a home-based business, you still have time to catch a soap opera or talk show and feed your baby. Did I miss something? Leave in your comment about what stuff I missed. I am open to your questions as well.

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